05 February 2022: Cliff

Welcome to the Adopt a Giraffe program, Cliff!

We are delighted to have Cliff as part of our program, as he is a beloved favorite among the staff at GCF.

Due to the recent rain (hooray!) there has been some flooding in the NW region of Namibia, meaning our February field trip was shorter than usual due to inaccessibility to certain roads and areas.  However, even from a distance, we were able to spot Cliff on the other side of the river. Despite not being able to get closer, Cliff’s distinctive appearance made it clear that it was indeed him. He seemed incredibly calm, relishing his lunch in the picturesque setting of the Skeleton Coast National Park. In one of the photos, you can observe Cliff almost completely immersed in the lush vegetation, likely enjoying the tastiest leaves. Accompanying Cliff were his close friends Ace, Mr. Clean, Aubrey, and Cloudy, all peacefully enjoying the afternoon on the banks of the riverbed. Although Cliff may appear distant in the photos, the breathtaking landscape surrounding him adds to the awe-inspiring experience.

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