06 August 2020: Coffee Bean

How amazing?! Coffee Bean’s long-awaited reunion with Julian Fennessy, the incredible Co-Director of GCF! These two old pals finally crossed paths again. You might recall that Coffee Bean, being over 20 years old, was one of the original study animals in Julian’s groundbreaking PhD research. We were astounded to see that Julian hadn’t lost his touch, as he immediately recognized Coffee Bean out in the field. It was in 1999 when Coffee Bean, just a young juvenile, was first documented and photographed by Julian. Fast forward to today, and Coffee Bean has become a dominant bull in the majestic Hoanib River. Although he has grown significantly, his spots and distinctive pattern remain unchanged. Both Julian and Coffee Bean have gracefully embraced a touch of grey over the years—or as Julian would put it, they’ve become “more mature.” However, we can’t help but acknowledge the incredible technological advancements that have made our photos all the more remarkable. The reunion of these two kindred spirits was a testament to the enduring bond they share and the journey they’ve embarked upon together.

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