06 July 2022: Kunene

Ah, the Hoanib in the Skeleton Coast National Park – a breathtakingly beautiful location where giraffe roam freely. And guess who we spotted there again this month? None other than the lovely Kunene, indulging in some delicious browse with her dear friend Trinity (who had her new calf in tow) and another young sub-adult female. Despite the limitations of the National Park rules, we managed to capture some great snaps of Kunene and her squad. It was clear that the trio were having a great time, perhaps swapping giraffe gossip and enjoying each other’s company. Kunene and Trinity’s bond is truly special, a testament to the wonderful friendships that giraffe can form.

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Johnna Pellizzer
Johnna Pellizzer
6 months ago

It looks like they are playing hide and seek.♡

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