06 June 2023: Kunene

In June 2023, we were overjoyed to reunite with the magnificent Kunene, a giraffe we hadn’t encountered since last October. This time, our lucky encounter took place in the picturesque dunes of the Hoanib River, adding an extra touch of magic to the moment. Standing atop a dune near the Amspoort, Kunene was accompanied by a special group of companions—Dylan, Morgan, and their friend.

As we approached, we couldn’t help but notice the heart-warming scene before us. Kunene, with her nurturing nature, had taken on the role of babysitter for Dylan, Morgan, and their friend. It was a delightful sight to witness as Kunene stood guard, watching over the younger giraffes in her care. Their presence on top of the Hoanib River added a touch of adventure to the already captivating scenery.

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