11 August 2020: Dobby

Dobby has been on quite the adventure lately, keeping us on our toes with back-to-back sightings. It appears that he has developed a fondness for the northern region of our survey area. After a long day of giraffe-spotting, we were thrilled to find him amidst a group of nine male companions. These seasoned subadults and majestic, fully-grown bulls were gathered, enjoying a leisurely evening snack while displaying fascinating social behaviors. The very next day, our luck continued as we spotted Dobby once again, not too far away. This time, he was accompanied by a few familiar faces from the previous day, but something special happened—several females graced the scene, accompanied by their adorable young calves. Our excitement soared as we counted a total of 13 giraffe in this captivating herd. And here’s a fun fact: Did you know that a group of giraffe can also be called a “tower”? It seems like a fitting name for these magnificent creatures!

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