12 Other Species Found In Northwest Namibia!
Check out what other wildlife we encounter when out surveying for giraffe in northwest Namibia!

While the focus on our northwest Namibia programme is always giraffe, we are occasionally treated to some other incredible sightings and we wanted to share these with you.

Here are 12 of our favourite animals (other than giraffe of course) that live in the survey area that we spotted in 2021. Do any of these surprise you?

1. Desert adapted elephant

2. Chameleon

3. Cheetah

4. Springbok

5. Meerkats

6. Owls and Eagles and Vultures, oh my!

7. Lion

8. Gemsbok

9. Ostrich

10. Honey badger

11. Klipspringer

12. Kudu

Isn’t it incredible just how many species can survive in such harsh conditions, we certainly think so! We are holding out for more amazing sightings in 2022, and keeping fingers crossed that we can manage a sighting of the critically endangered black rhino too!

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Andrea Finke
1 year ago
It is always fascinating for me to see how animals adapt, develop strategies to survive and, at best, reproduce. Humans could learn that much if they were a little more humble. Respect for your commitment. Greetings from Germany.

Nicola Grieve
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing the details & pics, it’s really interesting to see what other species you come across whilst looking for giraffe

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