16 May 2021: Kaoko

During our recent survey trip in May, Kaoko became a familiar presence to us. We had the pleasure of encountering her on three separate occasions, observing her activities along the riverbed and across the picturesque plains of the Hoarusib river. Our sightings revealed her presence within a sizable mixed-sex herd, consisting of 19 individuals, primarily composed of sub-adults. Notable members of this herd included Koa, Koko-Om, Hunter, Rainbow, and Simon, with whom Kaoko maintained close proximity during each encounter.

One remarkable moment during our observation was capturing an aerial shot of the herd, offering a unique perspective on their habitat and shedding light on how herds of this magnitude utilize the available resources within the ever-changing riverbeds. Furthermore, we had the pleasure of witnessing Kaoko indulging in a satisfying head rub against a fallen log, while also receiving affectionate attention from a young male. Judging by her response, it was evident that she enjoyed the interaction immensely.

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