29 June 2022: Coffee Bean

We had almost come to the end of our survey trip and had yet to spot Coffee Bean! For other giraffe, this wouldn’t be unusual at all, as they often travel large distances and sometimes we can go many months without spotting certain individuals. Coffee Bean, however, seems to like his routine and home ground, and we spot him almost every single trip (recently, at least). We returned back to Windhoek wondering where he could be and what he might be up to. When back in the office, we started the mammoth the task of sorting through and identifying all the giraffe we saw on each trip (which can be over 1000 photos!). And alas – we DID see Coffee Bean!! We just didn’t realise at the time, as for this particular sighting he was over on the opposite side of the riverbank hiding in a bush! We had snapped what we could and only got a neck shot – but as each giraffe pattern is so unique, we were able to use this small section to identify him. Coffee Bean was in a herd with 3 other giraffe, including friends Hoanib Rocket and Ben.

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