Adoptee Updates:

What's new in Tima's world?

Meet Tima, aka EHF084. Tima, meaning 'mother' in the local Damara language, is an attentive, caring and vigilant mother. She is an older cow and has most likely raised many calves including her most recent addition, named Axaros [pronounced 'Acharos'], meaning 'girl child' in Damara. Axaros was first seen about 4km from our base, away hidden in thick bush, with Tima most likely browsing nearby. Juveniles are hidden in thick vegetation while the cow feeds, drinks water and socialises, and patiently waits until the mother returns to suckle. Like so many giraffe on Etosha Heights, Tima bears some claw scars on her left rump, suggesting she may have survived a lion attack.
All our giraffe adoptees live wild and free in the vast expanses of northwest Namibia.