Adoptee Updates:

What's new in Windy's world?

Windy (HNBF030), who was first added to our database as a young female sub-adult in 2002, is now a mature adult desert-dwelling giraffe. At over 23 years of age, Windy is one of the oldest documented wild female giraffe in the whole of Africa. Isn't it weird that we still don't really know how old giraffe get in the wild? This is true as no one as ever bothered to record this! Scientifically, Windy’s advanced age is making history as she had a calf not too long ago! She spends most of her time in the remote Hoanib River in northwest Namibia, where she is often seen in the company of younger adult female giraffe and their calves. As an experienced mother, Windy readily takes on the role as the resident ‘aunty’, watching over and protecting other giraffe’s calves while their mothers venture away for short periods in search of better browse.
All our giraffe adoptees live wild and free in the vast expanses of northwest Namibia.

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