Adoption Packages

Adoptions for You, a Friend, or a Child

We share photos and stories about our encounters with giraffe as we monitor them in the wild. We will also keep you informed about all of our conservation research activities and other adventures in Namibia and other parts of Africa.

Please choose an adoption package from the list below. You can adopt for yourself, or choose a gift option for an adult or child. Our Adoption Portal—accessible to Adopt-a-Giraffe program members—will allow you to adopt a specific giraffe once you complete your membership and log in.​

Your personalized adoption certificate and reward benefits will be delivered digitally and can be printed from any printer; we do not send out physical items as this would take money away from the valuable support you are providing for giraffe. Please be aware that your adoption is symbolic and that the giraffe you are ‘adopting’ are living wild and free. We are working hard to keep it that way!

Every adoption package includes:

  • A personalized, printable Adoption Certificate;
  • Updates from the field recapping the adventures of our wild giraffe adoptees;
  • Photos of all our adopted giraffe;
  • Access to the Adoption Sightings Map, showing the most recent location of our adopted giraffe;
  • Featured giraffe-cams showcasing live-streamed wildlife from various locations across Namibia;
  • Exclusive desktops for your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices;
  • Giraffe Activity Packs: Make a direct contribution to the conservation of giraffe in Africa with giraffe activity packs;
  • Social Media Challenges: Participate in social media challenges year-round to help raise awareness and save giraffe;
  • Access to personalized t-shirts and hoodies made for our adopters;
  • The opportunity to interact with fellow giraffe enthusiasts through our adoption portal.

Personal Adoptions

I would like to adopt a giraffe for myself.

Personal adoptions can be made for any of our giraffe, or you can choose to adopt our entire group of giraffe.

If you are interested in making a longer-term commitment to save giraffe, please consider an On-Going Membership.

This is a recurring contribution; you will be debited an amount of your choosing, starting at $10, automatically every month. You can cancel this monthly adoption subscription at any time.

Gift Adoptions

I would like to adopt a giraffe for someone else.

Your gift recipient will become a member of the GCF Adopt-a-Giraffe Programme. At the time of purchase, you will receive the following items:

  • An email containing redemption information and login details will be sent automatically to the gift recipient. You will have the opportunity to send that email immediately upon purchase or schedule it for future delivery.
  • A link will be included on your receipt allowing you to add a sticker, fine art print, or personalized t-shirt, hoodie to your gift (these items are optional and will be billed and shipped separately).