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Winky Wonk (HNBM038) is an adult male desert-dwelling giraffe in northwest Namibia. He is easy to recognise because he has a bent left ossicone (horn). He is often seen roaming around on the lookout for females, and even though he has a bent ossicone, his ability to challenge other bulls does not seem to be affected. Like all the giraffe living in this part of Namibia, Winky Wonk is specially adapted to cope with the harsh desert conditions. He is able to walk long distances without having to rely on regular water sources; and browsing in the early hours of the morning when there is lots of moisture in the air from fog from the nearby coast allows him to get enough water from his food.

All our giraffe adoptees live wild and free in the vast expanses of northwest Namibia.

November 2020 Sightings

Check out what our desert-dwelling giraffe were up to in November 2020!

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