Thank you for helping us name our latest giraffe adoptee, Asha!
KHBF035 still needs a name! Submit your suggestions.

We are excited to announce that we have grown our Adopt-a-Giraffe family and with the help of our Adopt-A-Giraffe community and our followers on social media this beautiful giraffe (previously known as KHBF035) has now been named. Introducing:


We have recently added three new desert-dwelling giraffe in northwest Namibia to the list of our giraffe adoptees and we will post regular updates on Zora, Ninja and … KHBF035.

So here is where we need your help: KHBF035 still needs a name!

KHBF035 is a female giraffe (F), who was first spotted in the Khumib River (KHB) and her ID number in our database is 35. We use such scientific nomenclature to identify each giraffe in northwest Namibia. However, most giraffe also have a popular name, to make it easier for us to identify them in the field and remember their names. We often use the landscape or the giraffe’s pattern for inspiration when naming an individual. While we see KHBF035 regularly, we have not yet given her a name – so, this is where you can get involved: help us name KHBF035!

This is how it works:

1. Click here to submit your name suggestion.
2. The GCF team will choose our three favourite names from all your suggestions and we will put these up for popular vote on our social media.  
3. Here you can get involved again by casting your vote for naming KHBF035.
4. We will announce the winning name in the adoption portal and on a T.G.I.F. post on social media.

If your name suggestion is the final pick, you will get a one-year free AdoptionPlus membership on us! So, keep the suggestions coming and good luck.
We are excited to see what names you will come up with!

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Marjorie Darby
1 year ago

I suggest “Isanti”. My beginner-level Xhosa believes this to mean “Sand”, in English. If there hasn’t been an Isanti, yet, then perhaps that? 🙂

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