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We regularly add new sightings of your (and all our) adopted giraffe in northwest Namibia. With your support we are able to continue our giraffe conservation actions throughout Africa. By adopting a desert-dwelling giraffe in Namibia, you are choosing to #StandTallForGiraffe with us!

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Where Do Our Adopted Giraffe Live?

Do you want to find out where your giraffe has been hanging out? Take a look at our interactive tracker to find out where our adopted giraffe were last spotted!

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World Giraffe Day

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Share your favourite giraffe encounter, either in the wild or closer to home at your local zoo. Make sure to include some cool giraffe photos and stories.


Welcome to the Adoption Portal

Get to know your fellow giraffe parents. Introduce your yourself to the rest of the Adopt-a-Giraffe community here!

Semi-Annual Adoption Summaries

Read a summary of our desert-dwelling tower from the past six months.

For individual updates on your chosen giraffe, or to see updates from our field team posted after each expedition, follow your giraffe further down this page.

Introducing Etosha Heights!

It’s with great excitement that we introduce you to Etosha Heights Private Reserve!

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January to June 2022 Sightings

Check out what our desert-dwelling giraffe were up to from January to June 2022!

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Vale Supergirl!

Vale Supergirl! A tribute to a special giraffe in northwest Namibia that contributed hugely to giraffe research!

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Meet Cliff!

Meet Cliff! The newest member of the Adopt-a-Giraffe programme.

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Follow Our Tower

Keep up with the latest updates on our wild adopted giraffe in northwest Namibia. Follow their sightings, photos, and much more.

All our giraffe adoptees live wild and free in the vast expanses of northwest Namibia.
Learn more about each of them below.

Eric Flossicones
Eric Flossicones EHM092, was named after Eric the creator of the World Giraffe Day 5k run that happens each year. He is a large bull with impressive ossicones and sports a dark coat and is often found roaming the western section of Etosha Heights.
Tima, meaning 'mother' in the local Damara language, is an attentive, caring and vigilant mother. She is an older cow and has most likely raised many calves including her most recent addition, named Axaros [pronounced 'Acharos'], meaning 'girl child' in Damara.
Cliff is an adult male desert-dwelling giraffe most often spotted roaming the Hoanib River. He is a very charismatic giraffe and has a small facial abnormality which certainly adds to his charm.
Zora is a desert-dwelling female giraffe that roams along the Hoanib River in northwest Namibia and is easily identified by a prominent arrow-shaped spot.
Windy is one of the oldest documented wild female giraffe in the whole of Africa and spends most of her time in the Hoanib River in northwest Namibia.
Ninja is a handsome male giraffe with a calm and sweet personality. While he was first identified in the Hoarusib River he loves to roam far and wide.
Monkey is a gregarious adult female desert-dwelling giraffe who likes to play hide-and-seek by hiding herself behind a tree whenever the camera comes out!
Kunene is a beautiful female desert-dwelling giraffe, named after the region where she lives, is often spotted in the company of other female giraffe.
Kaoko is a graceful and confident adult female desert-dwelling giraffe, who spends most of her time roaming the Hoarusib River in northwest Namibia.
Asha (KHBF035) is a new addition to our programme. She is an adult female desert-dwelling giraffe who lives in the Khumib River system.
Dobby is a young male desert-dwelling giraffe who roams far and wide across the vast desert plains. His two favourite things are food and female giraffe!
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean is an adult male desert-dwelling giraffe, a confident bull in the prime of his life who roams the dry Hoanib River browsing for snacks.