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Your gift recipient will become a member of the GCF Adopt-a-Giraffe Programme. At the time of purchase, you will receive the following items:

  • An email containing redemption information and login details will be sent automatically to the gift recipient. You will have the opportunity to send that email immediately upon purchase or schedule it for future delivery.
  • A link will be included on your receipt allowing you to add a sticker, t-shirt, hoodie, or fine art print to your gift (these items are optional and will be billed and shipped separately);

This gift confers 1 year of access to the Giraffe Adoption Portal to the gift recipient. The Adoption Portal is updated regularly and includes:

  • Link to create your own personalised Adopt-a-Giraffe Certificate;
  • Photo gallery and updates about our adopted giraffe;
  • Groups and forums featuring photos, contests, discussions, and the ability to interact with fellow giraffe enthusiasts;
  • Semi-annual updates from the field recapping the adventures of our wild adoptee giraffe over the past 6 months.

Our Adopt-a-Giraffe Programme allows you to follow the lives of a few selected desert-dwelling giraffe in northwestern Namibia. Are you interested in adopting a specific giraffe? You will be able to choose a giraffe to follow more closely at your first login to the Adoption Portal.

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