Redeem an Adoption

This gift confers 1 year of access to the Giraffe Adoption Portal to you.

The Adoption Portal is updated regularly and includes:

  • Link to create your own personalised Adopt-a-Giraffe Certificate;
  • Photo gallery and updates about our adopted giraffe;
  • Groups and forums featuring photos, contests, discussions, and the ability to interact with fellow giraffe enthusiasts;
  • Semi-annual updates from the field recapping the adventures of our wild adoptee giraffe over the past 6 months.

Our Adopt-a-Giraffe Programme allows you to follow the lives of a few selected desert-dwelling giraffe in northwestern Namibia. Are you interested in adopting a specific giraffe? You will be able to choose a giraffe to follow more closely at your first login to the Adoption Portal.