14 April 2023: Cliff

In this thrilling chapter of our April adventure, our hearts raced with excitement when we stumbled upon our buddy Cliff once again, strolling along the banks of the Hoanib River. To our delight, he wasn’t alone this time. By his side was none other than his partner-in-crime, Walter, making this reunion even more unexpected and joyous. We had been wondering about Cliff’s whereabouts since our last encounter in February 2023 when he vanished amidst the shade of a majestic acacia tree during an intense game of hide-and-seek. But this time, our sharp giraffe-spotting skills paid off, and we were able to relish the magic of their presence.

However, our elation was soon met with a tinge of disappointment as we observed a change in Walter’s behaviour. It seemed that he had taken on a role of a bit of a bully towards Cliff, which left us feeling disheartened. We couldn’t help but wish for a more harmonious dynamic between the two friends who had once shared laughter and adventures.

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