28 November 2023: Tima

During this time of the year, the northern Namibian skies often appear dull and grey. As we are hoping for rain, the dust and some promising clouds create somewhat of a twilight feel. We found Tima on her way to a waterhole ready to quench her thirst.

On her way, she was approached by a giraffe bull, who clearly had other things on his mind than a drink at the waterhole. This guy was clearly checking her out.

If you look closely he can see how he purses his lips in what is called a flehmen response. He is using his olfactory-chemosensory organ located between the roof of the mouth and the palate, to gather chemical ‘messages’ from her urine to find out if she is receptive to reproduction.

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Nicole Wood
Nicole Wood
10 days ago

Hello Pretty Tima Girl.
Praying for rains to come for relief for you and all of the communities around.

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